OACCA - Outcomes Data Project (ODP)

Welcome to the website for the ODP!
This system is currently shut down as the project has ended.

For more information, please e-mail the OACCA ODP Project Manager:
Jim Burkett <manager@outcomesdataproject.com>
Also please check out the ODP Brochure and the current Newsletter.


Access to the ODP application has been shut down, as the project has ended.

ODP V3.0 is now on-line. Click here.

New project logo!

New E-Mail Addresses For OACCA ODP Admin Staff
Please begin using the following e-mails for contact:
OACCA ODP Project Manager (Currently Jim Burkett): manager@outcomesdataproject.com
OACCA ODP IT Consultant (Currently Joe Thielen): techsupport@outcomesdataproject.com

-- OACCA ODP V2.00 Is Now In Effect --

Welcome to 2009, and welcome to the 3rd and final year of the OACCA ODP Pilot!
  • The new V2.00 documents have been added to the ODP document list
  • PLEASE NOTE:These documents are being made available now in preparation for when V2.00 is brought on-line in the web-based system on 1/16/2009.
  • Between 1/1/2009 and 1/15/2009 only data from 2008 should be entered into the system.
  • Any new data for 2009 should NOT be entered into the system until V2.00 officially goes into effect on 1/16/2009!!!
  • Older news has been archived.

  • NEWS ARCHIVE: [ 1 2 3 ]

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